Fall Conference Exhibitors and Advertisers

Do you sell items from other cultures?

Should world language teachers and students visit your venue?

Do you offer a service or product that world language teachers and students should know about?

Of course the answer is a resounding YES. MCTLC appreciates these partners in providing the services language educators value most, from international travel to professional development and everything in between. We would love to include your business or organization as a partner in MCTLC's Fall Conference.

Ready to exhibit or advertise at MCTLC's Fall Conference?

Exhibitor and Advertiser Options

In order to suit your organization's needs, we offer six options on the registration page:
  1. Exhibitor — Exhibitors staff a booth and have all the advertising and visibility options described below.  **If you register after October 1st you are not guaranteed to have your name listed in our Conference program and after October 15th you are not guaranteed a booth in the Exhibit hall.**

    $240 base; total fees depend on the options selected.  You may choose to advertise in our Conference program or send an e-blast.  E-blasts are reserved for our exhibitors who will be present at our Fall Conference. You can choose to have table skirting by request only please mark this on the registration as this needs to be requested three weeks before the Conference.

  2. Advertiser — For those who are not be available to staff a booth but would like to advertise in the conference program and be listed on our Conference website which will be available soon. Please send your sponsorship advertisement in .pdf or .jpg format by October 1st to our Exhibits Chair, President, and President-elect to ensure your advertisement is published in our Conference program.  See advertisement options below. (Exhibitors may advertise as well. See #3, "Exhibitor".)  **If you do not send your sponsorship advertisement by October 1st, we do not guarantee it will be printed in our Conference program.**

    Fees are as follows:  
    • quarter page (4 x 5.5) and web listing - $125
    • half page (8.5 x 5.5) and web listing - $150
    • full page (8.5 x 11) and web listing - $200

  3. Promotional Materials — For those organizations that would like to stuff the conference bag or program with promotional materials but will not staff a booth. These organizations may choose to advertise as well (see pricing below).  $80 base; Total fees depend on the options selected. **You must be registered by October 15th in order to be a promotional materials sponsor.**

  4. Partner Language Organizations — These organizations are MCTLC's non-profit partners in advancing language teaching and learning. For a list of qualifying organizations, visit this page.  No charge, though those persons staffing the booth must register as conference attendees.
    5.  Non-profit discount — This invitation is for non-profit organizations who 
         are certified as non-profit organizations to register for a discounted fee to
         help them in their mission to support world language teaching and learning.

     6. Invited — This invitation is sent out for organizations who have a common
         mission of MCTLC to promote world language teaching and learning in
         Minnesota and often times swap registration for their conference in
Exhibitor Details
  • Booth space for exhibitors is $240.00. Preview the exhibitor areas on a floorplan here; view photos of the areas here. Indicate your preferences in the application. You are also able to specify any special requests for placement or needs, such as proximity to similar organizations. We'll do our best to honor your requests.

  • Each booth includes one 8 ft. by 30 inch table with skirting (by request) and 2 chairs. Exhibitors provide their own signage.  Requests for electricity and/or internet service should be arranged directly with Earle Brown Heritage Center by contacting sales@earlebrown.com and make sure to CC exhibits@mctlc.org and include a subject line of: MCTLC Conference - electricity request to ensure you secure electricity for your booth. Click here to download the form requesting electricity. *If you would like a second table there is a $30 charge.
  • Exhibitor hours are from 7:30am-5:00pm. We ask that booths remain open during those times. 
  • Several exhibit breaks will be scheduled throughout the conference day, during which attendees can enjoy refreshments served.
  • Exhibitors receive two complimentary passes to attend conference sessions. Listen to World Language teachers talk about their practices and learn about how to better meet their needs.
  • Lunch Buffet with our attendees or Boxed lunches (roast beef or vegetarian) that will be delivered to your table in the exhibit hall are available for order for your convenience. Indicate the number and selection of meals in the application.
  • We regret that booths cannot be cancelled after September 15. However, booths cancelled prior to that date will be refunded $140. 

Increase your visibility

  • Register by September 28 to be listed in the conference program.

  • Advertise in the conference program, and you'll also be listed on our conference webpage with a link to your website. Indicate your selection on the application and email your publish-ready image either in .pdf or .jpg format to president@mctlc.org and president-elect@mctlc.org by October 1st. Please copy the exhibits chair at exhibits@mctlc.org in the email.

    • quarter page (4 x 5.5) and web listing - $125
    • half page (8.5 x 5.5) and web listing - $150
    • full page (8.5 x 11) and web listing - $200
  • Receive special recognition as a sponsor of an exhibit break, registration desk flower arrangement, First-Time Attendee Award(s), Conference lanyards, Conference folders, Conference pens/pencils, or another idea you may have. Indicate your wishes on the exhibitor application or contact exhibits@mctlc.org by September 28.

  • Consider giving a 50 minute session on a topic that compliments your business or organization. Submit your proposal here; those received after July 28th may not make the print deadline to be included in the conference program but will be announced at the registration desk.

  • 2018 e-blasts are reserved for exhibitors who will be present at our Conference only. For $50, send an e-blast to MCTLC's growing list of over 1,000 contacts. Your e-blast should describe your organization, including how you serve or interest world language teachers, and include contact information. Your e-blast should be submitted in .jpg and .pdf format as well as text with images and links. The exhibits chair and webmaster will work with you to ensure its delivery in a timely fashion. To that end, please indicate approximately when you'd like it to arrive in our contacts' inboxes. Email webmaster@mctlc.org when your organization is ready to begin the process. Please copy the exhibits chair at exhibits@mctlc.org on the email.
Conference 2018

Reinvention: Paths to Proficiency.

Friday, October 26, 2018
Earle Brown Heritage Center
Brooklyn Center, MN

Fall Conference 2018 Attendee Information is available here!

Exhibits/Advertising Chair
Lisa PĂ©rez

We look forward to a rewarding conference with you as our partners in promoting excellence in world language education. 


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