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K¹² is a dynamic company on a mission to provide the most compelling, comprehensive, and effective K-12 education available. Our employees are a critical part of an organization that is providing powerful, new options for the way children can be educated. They have a passion for education and a drive to make a difference. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of integrity. We have the same high expectations for our employees as we do for the students who are in our programs. These are just a few of the values that make K¹² a great place to work. 

Position Summary:

A high school teacher is a highly qualified and state certified teacher responsible for delivering specific course content in an on line environment. Teachers provide instruction, support and guidance, manage the learning process, and focus on students’ individual needs. Teachers monitor student progress through K12’s learning management system, and they work actively with students and parents to advance each child’s learning. As part of their regular teaching responsibilities, teachers are expected to fulfill duties in the following areas:
Planning and Preparation
• Learn the curriculum in its entirety for assigned grade levels.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the state standards and how both align with the K12 curriculum.
• Understand overall diversity of assigned families and individual characteristics of students/parents; specifically, how this impacts support needed.
• Utilizes asynchronous and synchronous tools to augment course content according to prescribed policies and procedures. Instruction and Student Achievement
• Orients students to course and communicates course requirements.
• Maintains regular office hours and conducts instructional sessions.
• Sets and enforces deadlines for student work.
• Support parents with student curricular and instructional issues.
• Responsible for student academic progress and attendance
• Balance flexibility of the K12 curriculum with Academy policies and procedures.
• Conduct conferences with students and parents/responsible adult.
• Individualize instruction to help each student achieve K12 curricular objectives.
• Grades student work and maintains grade book.
• Communicates high expectations and shows an active interest in student’s achievement.
• Alert administrators to any concerns about student performance and progress.
• Recommends promotion and retention.
• Maintains regular contact with students and families Virtual Classroom Environment
• Create and manage home office.
• Organize social and educational activities for students and families, including sponsorship of one virtual club.
• Establish and maintain a positive rapport with assigned families.
• Support students with set-up and maintenance of their teaching environment.
• Support students through basic computer troubleshooting.
Professional Responsibilities
• Collaborates with peers.
• Build community by contributing to school message boards, newsletter and events.
• Travel to and participate in staff meetings and professional development sessions if needed


Grade 9-12 Requirements 
• 3+ years teaching experience
• Bachelor’s degree 
• Valid Current Foreign language Teaching Certification in state
• Meets state’s NCLB’s Highly Qualified Teacher requirements
• Proficient in MS Excel, Word, and Outlook
• Experience in a customer service environment
• Strong written/verbal communication skills
• Flexible schedule

The ideal teacher candidates will also have:

• Experience working with the proposed age group
• Experience supporting adults and children in the use of technology
• An ability to learn new technology tools quickly (e.g., database and web-based tools)
• An ability to support and guide adults as well as students

Openings are in the following locations : – 

Wyoming (WY)                           German Teacher / Spanish Teacher / French Teacher
New York (NY)                           Mandarin Teacher / Latin Teacher / Spanish Teacher / German Teacher
Georgia (GA)                               German Teacher 
Texas (TX)                                    Japanese Teacher
Minnesota (MN)                        Spanish Teacher / Mandarin Teacher
Arizona (AZ)                               Mandarin Teacher
Illinois (IL)                                   Mandarin Teacher
South Carolina (SC)                   Spanish Teacher / Latin Teacher / Japanese Teacher
Massachusetts (MA)                 Spanish Teacher
OHIO (OH)                                  German Teacher
Florida (FL)                                 Latin Teacher / Japanese Teacher
Oregon (OR)                               Mandarin Teacher
Idaho (ID)                                    Latin Teacher / Japanese Teacher / Latin Teacher
Wisconsin (WI)                           Mandarin Teacher / Latin Teacher / Spanish Teacher
Michigan (MI)                             Latin Teacher / Mandarin Teacher
Tennessee (TN)                          German Teacher / Japanese Teacher
California (CA)                            French Teacher
Pennsylvania (PA)                      German Teacher 
Washington (WA)                      Mandarin Teacher / Latin Teacher 

Please send your resumes to –
Contact no. – 703 870 8595
Can apply directly on our website also –
EOE and Drug-Free Workplace
Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures
PO Box 11926, St. Paul MN 55111
technical inquiries:
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