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04 Jun 2012 3:10 PM | Anonymous
3 Skilled Chinese Teachers Needed for Children (ages 6 – 9) for a STARTALK Build Your Dragon Boat Chinese immersion summer camp 

July 23 – August 3, 2012

The STARTALK Build Your Dragon Boat Camp of the Verona Area International School (VAIS), a Chinese-immersion public charter school in Fitchburg, Wisconsin (near Madison), will serve up to 44 students in grades 1-3. The camp will run from July 23 - August 3, 2012. The immersion camp will provide students the opportunity to polish and build Chinese language skills and enjoy hands-on activities while learning about the history and cultural significance of dragons and the Dragon Boat Festival. During camp student will design and build a buoyant, small-scale dragon boat. Chinese will be the language of communication throughout the full two weeks of camp. All student participants will begin with a novice-low to novice-mid Chinese-language foundation. Native speaker students are also welcome.

The Build Your Dragon Boat Camp is the student portion of a combination teacher/student STARTALK program. During the week prior to camp, Chinese teachers will be receiving for-credit training from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in K-12 immersion teaching techniques, focusing on integration of language, content, and culture. This training will provide teachers, or those who want to become Chinese language teachers, with a critical opportunity to focus on CSL teaching approaches in a content-based immersion classroom. The Build Your Dragon Boat Camp will serve as a practicum for the second and third week of the teacher program. 

To successfully complete their dragon boats, students will need to work both individually and in groups to make decisions regarding designing, building, and decorating involving the content areas of math, science, social studies, language arts, and art. Students will be encouraged to communicate with the teachers and classmates in Chinese as much as possible. Teachers will conduct all interactions in Chinese unless not possible for comprehension/safety. The teachers will use repetition of words and concepts, reinforcing material with visual/auditory/tactical props and gestures as well as hands-on activities.

We are hiring three native Chinese speakers with experience teaching Chinese to young children, preferably in an immersion setting. Hourly rate ranges from $19-$26 per hour.

1. Lead Instructor
This person will be in charge of the overall content of the camp and serve as the teacher in the second / third grade room. He/she will also help develop the curriculum for the camp. The development team will consist of the Program Director, the Lead and Second Instructor, Arts & Materials Coordinator, and parent volunteers. All instructors and curriculum planners will complete the STARTALK Online Curriculum Design Guidelines tutorial. The focus will be to ensure that all aspects of the curriculum align with the program goals. 

2. Second Instructor
The Second Instructor will provide input to the Curriculum Development Team and will serve as the teacher in the first grade room.

3. The Teaching Assistant
The Teaching Assistant will float between the two classrooms, help with daily lessons, and mentor the teacher participants.

For more information please visit the VAIS website: or contact the Program Director, Ms. Mayo, phone 845-4293 or send an email to
Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures
PO Box 11926, St. Paul MN 55111
technical inquiries:
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