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2010 Handouts 

205 Connecting with Your Students through Stories

Tack B

Michael Grandys and Dayna Laber, Minneapolis Public Schools

01. Bebe Beau VOCWRITE.pdf

02. Bébé Beau VOCAB.pdf

03. Bébé Beau STORY.pdf

04. Bebe Beau Tete-a-tete.pdf

05. Mimi Mini-Histoire.pdf

06. Mimi Tete-a-tete.pdf

07. Mimi PPT.ppt

08. Minnie Petite Souris VOCAB.pdf

09. Henri et son petit problème STORY.pdf

10. Minnie Petite Souris PAROLES.pdf

 401  Quizzes in the World Language Course:  What Do They Really Measure?

 Dr. David Paulson and Prof. Diane Leslie,

Dept. of Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Humanities

Southwest Minnesota State University


New Blooms.pdf


Assessment Evaluation Checklist.doc



Why Study Spanish.pdf

Evaluation Criteria for Composition.pdf

402 Presentación Cultural: Carnavalito Argentino

Harvest B

Paulino Brener, University Language Center

Click HERE for presentation materials

502 Culture Beyond Chopsticks and Berets

Harvest B

Mary C. Voight, Yinghua Chinese Immersion Academy

This handout is from the Saint Paul Public Schools Multiculture Resource Center and lists all the books available for teachers to check out and use

505 Portfolios Make Travel Meaningful

Tack B

Mary Thrond, Minnesota State University of Moorhead


507 Bailemos Juntos

Captain’s Room

Paulino Brener, University Language Center

Visit Bailemos Juntos for steps and music

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