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Contact your Membership Chair for more information:

Your membership benefits include:

  • Special registration at MCTLC Fall Conference and other MCTLC events

  • Discounted pricing on the monthly Language Magazine.

  • Regular electronic communications for PK-16 world language educators, including:
    • MCTLC program announcements
    • State and national language initiatives
    • Events and opportunities for language teachers and students

  • Networking with world language colleagues, both statewide and regional

  • Grants, scholarships, and awards

  • Opportunities for professional growth and leadership

What do your dues do?

MCTLC is a member-supported professional organization.  Like public television or public radio, membership dues provide the revenue for the special services and projects of the organization, in this case, the continuous improvement of world language education in Minnesota.  MCTLC dues are tax deductible.  MCTLC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that accepts donations via the online membership form. 

Behind the scenes, your colleagues volunteer time and talents to educate policymakers about language learning, gather nationwide information that keeps members informed on professional initiatives, and provide professional development via publications, workshops and the annual fall conference.   

EVERY Minnesota language program and EVERY Minnesota language teacher benefits from the work of MCTLC. 

Your membership supports the work that supports you and your language program.  

MCTLC is a member organization of:

  • ACTFL  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

  • JNCL-NCLIS Joint National Coucil for Languages - National Council for Languages and International Studies

  • CSCTFL  Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


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