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MCTLC Communications - Changes in 2010

Communication to the membership and opportunity for members to network with each other have been a leadership goals for the past several years and will continue to be one of our foremost priorities. 

Hello to LanguageĀ® Magazine
MCTLC Newsletter is a four-page wrap over the monthly publication, LanguageĀ®. LanguageĀ® educates membership on language and education topics beyond our Minnesota borders, a tool for us to be informed on issues from a national perspective.

A Fond Farewell to MLR
The Minnesota Language Review (MLR) in its past quarterly format no longer exists.  We have transformed the functions of the former MLR into formats and timetables that result in more frequent and timely communications. The Board looked at the function of the types of communication we produce and the best format (print or electronic) to deliver that information. We also kept in mind the value of being environmentally "green" in using less paper.
Much of the MLR content continues to be available on the website in a more timely and accessible format:  board minutes, event registration, calls for proposals, award nominations, fall conference information, advocacy initiatives and ongoing MCTLC events.  The speed of electronic communication gets information to members with more consistent and predictable timing compared to the bulk mailing process that takes several weeks of lead time.  All communication back to MCTLC (membership renewal, calls for proposals, event registration) is done electronically.  Not only is this more accurate and efficient, it saves MCTLC money and literally hundreds of hours of volunteer work that can now be devoted to other projects that move the organization forward.
More Work to Do
The remaining function of the former quarterly MLR is a place where members can submit articles, essays and research for professional publication.  We continue to work on ideas for how to meet this need.  One idea that has surfaced would be to have an annual juried publication as is done for at the Central States Conference.

What do your dues do?

MCTLC is a member-supported professional organization.  Like public television or public radio, membership dues provide the revenue for the services and projects of the organization, in this case the continuous improvement of world langugage education in Minnesota.  MCTLC dues are tax-deductible.  MCTLC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that also accepts donations via the online membership form.

Behind the scenes, your colleagues volunteer time and talents to educate policymakers about language learning, gather nationwide information that keeps members informed on professional initiatives, and provide professional development via publications, workshops and the annual fall conference. 

Every Minnesota language program and every Minnesota language teacher benefits from the work of MCTLC.  

Your membership supports the work that supports you and your language program.  


MCTLC is a member organization

  • ACTFL  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

  • JNCL-NCLIS Joint National Coucil for Languages - National Council for Languages and International Studies

  • CSCTFL  Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


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