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MCTLC Award Winners

Outstanding Student Teacher Award

In recognition of outstanding service and extraordinary potential in providing excellent instruction in the world language classroom by a student teacher of a world language in Minnesota. The student teacher may be nominated by a cooperative teacher or university methods professor.

2020 Ellie Rogers and Josh Grund

2019 Paulino Brener

2018      Walker Currie     

2016     Xiaoli Tang

2015     Claire McWilliams

2014     Megan Ramos

2013     Meghan McFadden

2012     Mollie McMahon

2010     Kathryn Shorma

First-Time Attendee Scholarship

MCTLC is pleased to offer up to five (5) first-time attendee fall conference scholarships to world language teachers.

2014 Michelle Benegas, Kimberly Rodrigues, Randy Baum, Erik Jenson

Early Career Award

In recognition of outstanding promise in providing excellence in instruction in the world-language classroom by a first-year language teacher in Minnesota.

2020      Maggie Bieber

2018      Yuriy Maksymovych

2013     Hui Xu, White Bear Lake Schools

2012     Mollie McMahon

2005     Joelle Anderson & Abby Johnson

Minnesota Teacher of the Year

This award represents the first step for the Teacher of the Year Award at the national level as awarded by ACTFL (American Council of Teachers of Languages and Cultures).

2020 Jen Lopez

2019    Pang Yang

2018    Maureen Elwell Peltier

2017    Michelle Strassburg

2016     No nominees submitted

2015     Grant Boulanger

2014     Kay Edberg

Emma Birkmaier Award for Outstanding Language Educator

In recognition of outstanding service and support for world languages and cultures by someone within the language-teaching profession in Minnesota.

2018  Jill Fischer

2017      Dr. Donna LeGrand

2016     Dr. Frances Matos-Schultz

2015     Betty Lotterman

2014       Daryl Boeckers

2013     Adele Munsterman

2012     Janice Holter Kittok

2011     Sue Nordquist

2010     Ursula Lentz

2009     Gaelle Berg

2008     Dr. Elaine Fuller-Carter

2007     Marcy Zachmeier-Ruh

2006     Phyllis VanBuren

2005     Mary Kuettner

2004     Anita Ratwik

2003     Beth McCabe

2001     Tom Turner

1999     Felice Dickey

1998     Diane Tedick

1997     Carol Klee

1996     Linda Albertson

1995     Allen Hibbard

1994     John Janc

1993     Cheryl Peterson & Diane Kessler

1992     Wilmar (Shorty) Engel

1991     Margaret (Marge) Engebretson

1990     Suzanne Jebe

1989     Leon Narvaez

1988     Gerhard Weiss

1987     Carolynn Johnson

1986     Judy Johannessen

1985     Carol Ann Pesola

1984     Dr. Ricard Narvaez

1983     Jean Hughes

1982     Kathy Olson

1981     Dale Lange

1980     Dr. Hedi Oplesch

1979     Howard Hathaway

1978     Odell Bjerkness

1977     Dr. Helen Jorstad / Dr. Jermaine Arendt

Pro Lingua Award

In recognition of outstanding service to and support of education in world languages and cultures by a person or Minnesota organization/business that is not a world-language educator.

2020 MNTS Tamil School and Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL MN) 

2019  Minnesota Education Equity Partnership

2018      Xperitas

2015     Representative Kim Norton

2014     Japan America Society of Minnesota

2013     The Ordway Center for Performing Arts

2012     Teatro del Pueblo

2011       MN Zoo

2010     Dr. Lynn Broderson, Dean @ Southwest MN State University

2009     EMC Publishing

2006     Dorie Hathaway

2005     Senator Sandy Pappas & Representative Mindy Greiling

2001     Cheryl Dickson, Retired President, MN Humanities Commission

1999     Nancy Paddelford, Co-founder, St. Olaf Hispanic Studies Program

1997     Steve & Nick Buettner, Maya Quest Program

1996     Science Museum of MN

1995     The Resource Center of the Americas

1994     Michel Wolf, Director, Vistas in Education

1993     Concordia Language Villages Mini-Programs, Emily Virginia Christianson

1992     Naomi Thomsen, President, Language & Friendship

1991     Lyle Gerard

1989     Dr. Clark Kirkpatrick, Superintendent, South Washington County Schools

1988     James Boessen, Principal, Apple Valley High School

1987     Catherine Watson, Travel Editor, Mpls. Star Tribune

1986     Al Milgrom, U Film Society

1983     James Oberstar, 8th District Congressman

1982     ISE - Intercultural Student Experiences

1981     Esther Piper, Administrator, Language Services Department, 3M Company

1980     WCCO AM Radio

Administrator Award

In recognition of outstanding service to and support of education in world languages and cultures by a current administrator who is not a world-language educator.

2020 Heather Elise Miller-Cink

Percy Fearing Award for Language Curriculum Development

In recognition of excellence in the creative development of instructional materials for teaching world languages and cultures by a classroom teacher in Minnesota.

2020 Jennifer Madrigal

Professional Service Award

In recognition of service to students and the profession through provision of a quality language program by language educator retired from a school in Minnesota.

2020 Adele Munsterman

2017      Nancy Ledesma

2015     Susan Nordquist

2014     Jim O'Neill

2013     Carol Ann Dahlberg

2012     Anita Ratwik

Certificate of Recognition

In recognition of a significant contribution to students and/or the profession by a language educator in Minnesota.

Department of Excellence

Departments of Excellence have 100% membership participation in MCTLC. While membership alone does not assure commitment, affiliation can be the first step to a rich, professional experience. This program is open to schools at all levels (Pre-K through post secondary).

2020 Littlefork Big Falls High School

2019 Hastings High School, Sartell High School

2018 Rainy River Community College

2016        Mounds View Middle School Spanish Teachers; Hastings Schools

2014 Mora High School World Languages Department

2013        St. Thomas Aquinas (in International Falls)

STAR Award

The four STAR areas, Study, Travel, Achievement and Recognition, of professionalism represent continued professional development in learning outside the classroom, striving to excel, and showing leadership in professional organizations. 

2020  Adele Munsterman

2018 Pearl Cheng, Adele Munsterman

2017 Adele Munsterman, Martina Talic

2015 Adele Munsterman, Jen Duronio

2014 Amanda Stenberg, Susana Perez Castillejo, Adele Munsterman, Barbara Koester, Tracey Kloekl-Jiménez, Kay Edberg

2013 Sue Nordquist, MaryLynn Montgomery, Tracey Kloeckl-Jiménez, Kay Edberg, Lisa Pérez

Xperitas Language Matters Award

2018  Pearl Cheng

2014 Jenny Johnson

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