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       Friday Breakout Sessions

(Hard copies distributed at registration)

Download a printer-friendly version of Breakout Session Descriptions 2010.

Breakout Sessions 1    8:30 - 9:20          

101  NNELL Swapshop Breakfast and Networking Session

Kathy Olson Studler, St. Paul Academy and Summit School

Ed Rosheim, EMC Paradigm

Linda Chang, Hmong Academy

Audience: Elementary, middle school, all languages

102   Getting Students to Talk:  Using Unrehearsed Interpersonal Tasks in the Classroom.

Frances Matos-Schultz , Ursula Lentz, and Mertixell Mondejar Pont, University of Minnesota

Audience:  Middle and high school, higher education, any language

103  Using Technology to Teach Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products

Viann Pederson and Gay Rawson, Concordia College

Audience:  All levels, all languages

104   Using Neruda to Teach Literary Analysis

Sean Dwyer, MN-AATSP President

Audience: High school, higher education, Spanish

105  Dual Immersion Education and Engaging the Latino Families

Blanca Raniolo-Olivares, El Colegio High School

Eudoro Olivares, St. Paul Public Schools

Audience:  All levels, all languages

106  Can’t Dance?  Or Sing?  Or Act? Or Draw?  Neither can I!

Trina Keller, Perpich Center for Arts Education

Audience: All levels, all languages (examples in French)

107  Integrating Cultural Arts:  Curriculum for K-12 Arabic and Chinese Programs

Gaelle Berg, Dingman Yu, Donna Kelly, Fang-Ju Lin, and Feng-Yi Wang, Minneapolis

Public Schools

Audience:  Elementary, middle and high schools, Arabic and Chinese

Breakout Sessions 2        11:00  - 11:50

201  Qualifications for Teaching in an Immersion School

Kimerly Miller, Minnesota Advocates for Immersion Network

Shannon Peterson, Lakes International Language Academy

Luis Versalles, Richfield Dual Language School

Audience:  All levels and languages

202  What Can Students Do?  Using Common Assessments to Achieve Higher Levels of Proficiency

Gaelle Berg, Melissa Davis, and Michele Campbell, Minneapolis Public Schools

Ursula  Lentz, CARLA, University of Minnesota

Audience: Middle and high school, higher education, Spanish, French and German

203  Teacher-Centered Discourse and Opportunities for Output in a French Class

Jason Martel, Johanna Enneser-Kananen, and LeeAnne Godfrey, University of Minnesota

Audience:  All levels and all languages (examples in French)

204  The Unrehearsed Speech of Learners of Asian Languages

Sachiko Horii, Fang Wang, Yunseong Cheon, and Sara Khanzadi, University of Minnesota

Audience: High school and higher education, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Persian

205  Connecting with Your Students through Stories

Michael Grandys and Dayna Laber, Minneapolis Public Schools

Audience:  Middle and high school, French and Spanish

206  Enhancing the Global Competency of World Language Learners

Dana Mortenson and Charmagne Campbell-Patton, World Savvy

Audience:  Middle and high school, all languages

Breakout Sessions 3        1:30 - 2:10

301  Migraciones Literarias: La Literatura Centroamericana y la Interculturalidad

Martin Pflug, College of St. Scholastica

Audience:  High school and higher education, Spanish

302  Discussion Session for Teachers Using the Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessment (MLPA)

Ursula Lentz, Center for Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota

Audience:  High school and higher education, Spanish, French, and German

303  Integrating Content-Based Instruction in Chinese Language  Teaching

Shu-hui Chang, Hmong College Prep Academy

Audience:  All levels, Chinese

304  Preparing Students to Participate in Festival Quijote

Mary Lynn Montgomery, Coon Rapids High School, Minnesota-AATSP Mesa Directiva

Audience: Middle and high school, Spanish

305  Authentic Media:  Connecting Lives and Contexts, Classroom to World

Dan Bane, Vista Higher Learning

Audience:  High school and higher education, French, Spanish and Italian

306  Incorporate Culture in Your Lessons: Cultural Storytelling

Barbara Cartford, Wayzata Schools, Minnesota Language Teacher of the Year 2010

Audience: All levels and all languages

Breakout Sessions 4          3:00 - 3:50

401  Quizzes in the World Language Course:  What Do They Really Measure?

David Paulson and Diane Leslie, Southwest Minnesota State University

Audience:  High school, higher education, all languages

402  Presentación Cultural: Carnavalito Argentino

Paulino Brener, University Language Center

Audience:  All levels, Spanish

403  Get Them Talking With Art and Music

Andrea Schueler, Stillwater Area High School

Audience:  All levels and all languages

404  Translation Reconsidered:  A University Course in Translation and Interpretation

Paul Hoff, University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire

Audience:  High school, higher education, all languages (examples in Spanish)

405  Teaching Chinese in the Digital Age

Ju-Chang Wang, The Blake School

Audience:  Elementary, middle, and high school, Chinese

406  Experiences in Strasbourg

Cristina Sturm, Rosemount High School

Audience: All levels, French

Breakout Sessions 5      4:00 - 4:50

501  Bienvenidos a  Uruguay

Cancelled by presenter

502  Culture Beyond Chopsticks and Berets

Mary C. Voight, Yinghua Chinese Immersion Academy

Audience:  All levels and all languages

503  México en su bicentenario

Ana Luisa Fajer Flores, Consulado de México

Audience:  All levels, Spanish


Using Facebook Activities to Improve Writing Skills of Language Students:  Offering Many Opportunities for Writing to our Digital Natives

Windy Roberts, University of Minnesota, Morris

Audience:  High school and higher education, all languages

505  Portfolios Make Travel Meaningful

Mary Thrond, Minnesota State University of Moorhead

Audience:  Middle, high school, higher education, all languages (examples in Spanish)

506  Addressing the Achievement Gap in the Urban Language


Grant Boulanger, Robbinsdale Area Schools

Audience:  Middle and high school, all languages

507 Bailemos Juntos

Paulino Brener, University Language Center

Audience:  All levels, Spanish

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